MAP 005 Chernobyl is now available. After six months of work and a moving launch of the publication at the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev and subsequent visit to the exclusion zone on the 26th anniversary of the accident, MAP 005 is finally being distributed world wide.
This issue charts the history of major nuclear accidents, focusing on the Chernobyl reactor 4 explosion of 1986, mapping a minute by minute description of the events on nuclear plant cut-outs and info graphics. From its medical implications to the social impact of the accident and articles and input from scientists, this issue offers a wide spectrum of commentaries on the implications of radiation in this scarred landscape. 
The project page investigates various scenarios; an astrobiology testing base, the reuse of the massive "Woodpecker" ex-soviet antenna into a migratory bird feeding ground, a mobile archeology lab for radioactive landscapes and Mount Chernobyl, an alternative to the new sarcophagus for the damaged reactor.

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as the rest of the MAP series. 

Yuri commenting on MAP during the lecture discussion at the Chernobyl Museum.

Radiation readings by the number 4 reactor during our visit for the 26th anniversary of the accident, still 14 micro Sieverts on the scale.