From antiquity to the present, and with an exponential impetus, we have been obsessed with systematically collecting and reorganizing what in effect already exists, in its own kind of order, or disorder. This desire for control and centralisation of our environment, has no doubt aided us in the past and present. Nevertheless, some think that archives have reached such epidemic proportions that, not only has the digital revolution not been able to solve the problem, but it has in fact aggravated it. All of this, of course, occupies space, an increasingly huge amount of space.

MAP 003 Archive was launched at the Architectural Association, London on the 8th of October at 18:00. Click here to link to lecture.


  1. An architecture office's archives are not only made up of drawings and models, but documents as banal as office memos. In this not-so-banal memo from Cedric Price to his office, the firm's philosophy or "raison d'être" is outlined.

  2. i always wanted to do an archive of these weird ideas which normally come up, when brainstorming with a design-partner... while beeing in a session mode, we come up with ideas, which are just too good for reality, we all know at that point, that these ideas never will happen, but we still go on and have our fun and drift away.

    the problem is, that these ideas never get written down and so they dissolve 5 minutes after they were developed.

    so i imagine a cabinet/archive of these ideas, which would be the perfect inspirational tool-pool.

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