MAP 001 ANTARCTICA, with an introduction by PETER COOK

Architecture – out there !
Right out there !
I mean really out there in the territory of the virtually unknown.

"In such a moment as this, we can hardly leave our heads buried either in the sand or in our own armpits much longer. Not only are territory, food, air-time, building products, parking spaces or polar bears becoming scarce - but scarcer still is that old-school commodity: IDEAS".....
Peter Cook

(Read Peter Cook's full intro in MAP)

"Fantastic project, I want to plaster my wall with them!"
Thom Mayne

"C'est superb, the density, the ideas! incroyable!
Odile Decq

"David Garcia's MAP project is awsome"
Geoff Manaugh, the BLDGBLOG

The first issue of MAP has cast itself upon the unknown, but also the very physical. Although the Antarctica has only been a building site for slightly over 100 years, the scenario is, to say the least, disastrous and marvelous at the same time. Building is almost impossible in some areas, but Mac Murdo Base Station seems a mining station with a vengeance, in size and appearance. In other regions, buildings are being literally devoured by the ice and spat out into the ocean. Just the mere climatic contradiction that the Antarctica (larger than Europe) is 70% ice, but a dessert at the same time, makes it an unavoidable subject to be studied. Brainstorms precipitate, MAP is the result.

PROJECTS PAGE: Ready Made Antarctic Base Station, Sustainable Iceberg Living Station, South Pole Universal Seed Archive, Ice Flow and Sea Current Research Unit.

ANTARCTICA DATA PAGE: Geography, Topography, Topological Sections, Iceflow Directions, Icebergs, Climate, Ice and Snow, Flora an Fauna, Extremophiles, Political Claims, Antarctic Treaty, First Settlements, Building in the Antarctic, Base stations.

COLLABORATORS: Troels Faber / NR2154, Papa Productions, Heidi Cathrine Østergaard, Alanna Baudinet, Stine Avlund, Marion Spillmann, Ylva Hazell, Kaja Sofie Skytte and Hjørdis Toft.

THANKS TO: Ulrik Ejlers, Liv Andersson, Andreas Amasalidis, Caroline Dieden, Nadja Maya, Bekim Aliji, Gabriel Sorensen, Nynne Blak, Hanieh Heidarabadi, Elena Gil Del Val, Naroa Oleaga, Livia Wicki, Elaine Young, Justin Mickow.



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