We are delighted to have MAP at Hennessy & Ingalls. Since its founding in 1963, Hennessey + Ingalls has grown to fill a unique niche in American retailing. The store is now the largest art and architecture bookstore in the western United States, and it is probably the largest retail operation in the country dealing just with books on the visual arts. The business was founded by Reginald Hennessey as an outlet for rare and out-of-print architecture books and is still family- owned and managed. In 2003 the flag ship store moved into its current location at 214 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica. Hennessey + Ingalls has become a landmark in the visual arts community. From our over 8,000 square feet of selling space (Santa Monica Store), it provides books to a wide selection of customers in Southern California and indeed all over the world.

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